Ayurvedic Consultation

Finding the root cause...

All too often health care providers will treat the symptom rather than what caused it in the first place. Many of the ailments you feel are merely the end result of the accumulation of one or more of the dosha levels (elements) in your body. Ayurveda's main focus is on balancing those elemental levels in your body, bringing you back to your unique constitution from which you were born and in turn creating harmony which allows the body to heal itself rather than cover it up with a band-aid or even worse block (ex. pain killers) the feeling of the accumulation which allows it to grow even stronger and cause more damage. Eek!!
Your body is very intelligent! It is always working hard at battling the constant pollutants, bacteria and germs that it comes in contact with on a daily basis. It does not always need synthetic drugs to help conquer these influences. In fact, when the body is in perfect balance, it is able to fight even the strongest of viruses. This is why some get the flu and/or blood transmitted diseases and others don't, even when both have been exposed.
It is also why one person can see improvement with a specific treatment but another will not because their body's are not the same. You can have the same symptoms (end result) but the accumulation of the dosha levels (root cause) can be different in each person in turn making the treatment help one person get better and the other do nothing, or even make them worse. For example two people have a sore throat. One person who has a high accumulation of vata (air) would have pain due to dryness and would benefit more from a warming, moisture-creating clove and ginger tea. The other person who has a high level of pitta (fire) would have pain due to heat and inflammation and would benefit more from a cooling, soothing peppermint and licorice tea. See where I'm going here? You just need to apply the element that is opposite the element that is in excess!
Schedule a consultation today and find out the root cause to your aches, pains, inflammation, digestive upset, insomnia and any other dis-ease symptoms.
Ayurvedic Health Consultation 
Consists of one 90 minute consult and one progress assessment/accountability email a week after.
  •     Tongue, face and structure/posture evaluation
  •     Pulse Diagnostics

  •     Diet and lifestyle assessment

  •     Herbal recommendations as appropriate

  •     Referrals if necessary

  •     Educational materials


  •     Diet and lifestyle recommendations to start you on your                            journey towards balance.

Or get ultimate support with an...

Ayurvedic Consultation Package!


A 6 week journey towards inner health <3

Consists of one 90 minute initial consultation, two 60 minute follow up sessions and a progress assesment/accountability email between each session.

  •     Tongue, face and structure/posture evaluation
  •     Pulse Diagnostics

  •     Diet and lifestyle assessment

  •     Herbal recommendations as appropriate

  •     Referrals if necessary

  •     Plan for course of treatment and therapies

  •     Educational materials

  •     Setting up a long term plan for maintaining balance

  •     Educational materials to help implement long term maintenance

  •     Two virtual or in-person follow ups to help integration and consistency

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