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Ayurvedic Group Workshop

Discover your unique Ayurvedic Body/Mind type (Dosha) so you can know how to live your life to it's fullest potential.

All too often health care providers will treat the symptom rather than what caused it in the first place. Many of the ailments you feel are merely the end result of the accumulation (or depletion) of one or more elements in your body

Find  The Root Cause

What's Included 

  • Power Point (or paper handout) presentation of what Ayurveda is, a thorough explanation of each element and each dosha (body/mind) type, and the healing modalities used to promote balance within the body and mind.


  • A quiz handout to reveal which dosha type is prominent within you at this time. 


  • A handout and presentation explaining the specific foods, lifestyle and exercise regimens for your specific dosha type. 

  • Main workshop takes approximately 60 minutes to complete.

Additional Services:

Options to get individual services at an additional cost such as a tongue diagnosis, pulse reading, and/or Vedic astrology birth chart dosha reading. Please indicate on the quote request below if you are interested in these additional individual services. 

  • Tongue Analysis: 3-5 min per person - Reveals how your major organs are functioning - liver, kidneys, colon, lungs, stomach, upper and lower intestines, and heart.

  • Vedic Birth Chart Dosha Reading: 3-5 min per person - Reveals what your natural born dosha is so you can compare it to your current dosha and correct any imbalances that you've accumulated throughout your life (must know your birth time and place of birth). 

  • Pulse Reading - To be done privately as I need a quiet space to feel into the pulse: 20 min per person (reveals which elements are in excess or depletion within the 7 tissue layers of the body - blood, plasma, muscle, fat (metabolism), bones, reproductive organs (hormones), and marrow (mental/emotional wellness). Individual will receive a list of herbs/foods/practices to assist balance in the tissue layer that is most challenged. 

Find out what's causing your aches, pains, inflammation, digestive upset, insomnia and many other dis-ease symptoms and learn how to bring yourself back into balance using the ancient wisdom and science of Ayurveda.

Learn more about Ayurveda here
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