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Group Vedic Astrology Readings

 Become aware of your gifts and how to overcome your challenges so you can live a more purposeful, peaceful and prosperous life.
Enhance your group gathering or retreat with a deep dive into your individual psyche's, learn how you interact with and are seen by society, discover your capacity for love, wealth, success, and health, what your strengths, challenges, and life lessons are in this lifetime, and more. 

Your session includes


  • An explanation of your life (mind, emotions, spirituality) within your home, family, relationships, work, wealth and beliefs.

  • Understanding your “quirks”, learn what areas you have great strength, courage, growth and understanding in as well as where you are more vulnerable, stubborn, stagnant, fearful and clouded.

  • Your capacity for connection and receptivity with family, relationships, friends and colleagues.

  • A reveal and deeper understanding of what areas you came here to focus on in this lifetime. 

  • Unveiling of the illusions that are distracting you and causing confusion in your life. 


30 and 60 minute private sessions are available for your attendees. Pricing depends on how many people want readings but they typically range from $50-$75 each for 30 minutes and $100-$150 each for 60 minutes. 
An optional 30 minute group introduction to Vedic Astrology via power point slide show is available for an additional $75, explaining the difference between Eastern & Western Astrology and an introduction to each planet and how they influence your human experience. This is also a great option to choose if you are offering the astrology readings as a separate purchase to your event which would intrigue your groups interest in booking a reading.


You must be able to provide an accurate:

Birth Time (e.g. 8:07 am)

Birth Place (city and state)

Birth Date (e.g. 4/13/79)

Conquer Your Karmic Lessons In This Lifetime
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