Vedic Astrology

Just as the Moon affects the tides and the Sun affects the crops, we are also affected by these magnificent forces, and by the other planets in our solar system.  


According to Vedic texts you are exposed to these planets while in the womb, and at the moment of your birth they timestamp their planetary inprint (precise location within the sky) upon you, influencing your body type, your personality, your strengths and weakness, your disease potential, your ability to connect, to defend, to create wealth, to love and much much more.

These planetary forces and the signs that they are located in at your time of birth (aries, leo, gemini, etc.) influence your perception, receptivity, and discipline as well as your ability to take action, connect, communicate, love, organize etc. Vedic scripture states that you (your higher self) actually spiritually contracted these characteristics into this lifetime in order to have the evolutionary experiences and lessons neccessary to guide you towards discovery and enlightenement. Cool right?!

Schedule a reading today and get to know yourself better. Become aware of your gifts and how to face your challenges so you can live a more purposeful, peaceful and prosperous life.

Your 90 minute session will entail an extensive birth chart reading that includes:


  • An explanation of your life (mind, emotions, spirituality) within your home, family, relationships, work, wealth and beliefs.

  • Understanding your “quirks”, learn what areas you have great strength, courage, growth and understanding in as well as where you are more vulnerable, stubborn, stagnant, fearful and clouded.

  • Your ability for connection and receptivity with family, relationships, friends and colleagues.

  • A reveal and deeper understanding of what areas you came here to focus on in this lifetime. 

  • Exposure of the illusions that are distracting you and causing turmoil in your life. 

  • Dasha Cycle reading - Planets have periods (7-20 years at a time) when they are more dominant in their influence on your life. Find out what planets are being activated in your life right now that are creating challenges, losses, gains, opportunites and psychological changes and the lessons behind them as well as help navigating through them. 

  • Current Transits reading (time permitting) - Where the planets are currently in the sky and how they are influencing your state of mind, work life, home life and relationships at this very moment! This can help you make or wait to make decisions, see if you are being guided or misguided by illusion and help you understand some of the reasons why things have changed or why you are now being affected by something that has never really affected you before.  


Additional Readings:


Medical Reading - 60 minutes 


Learn how each planet carries disease potentials and depending upon the health of the planet in your chart will determine your ability to fight off the energies that they. Learn what disease potentials to be aware of to better help you maintain balance within your body and mind as well as what you can do now to help with current diagnosis's. 


Relationship Reading - 60 minutes


This reading can be used for a romantic partner, potential partner, business partner, friend or a relative. Find out how you each communicate, what your temperments are, how you receive and integrate information, how you handle challenges and obstacles, what attributes you bring into your relationships and more. This can be done with just you present or you can bring your partner/friend/relative to the session. This can be very helpful in understanding a family member and the best way to communicate with them whether they be a child or adult. 

Current Transit Reading (Existing Clients) - 60 minutes

Be able to identify the areas in your life that are currently being highlighted that may be causing turmoil in your workplace, relationships and/or mental health as well as gains and opportunities that are available to you at this time. These readings can be very helpful if you feel like you are at a fork in the road and unsure of which path to choose. Or you are all of sudden experiencing changes in your mood, relationships, workplace, family etc. and want to know what's going on.


You must be able to provide an accurate:

  • Birth Time (e.g. 8:07 am)

  • Birth Place (city and state)

  • Birth Date (e.g. 4/13/79)


Schedule a reading and finally get to know your True Self.