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Heart-Based Meditation

What is meditation?

It is letting go so we can allow the body and mind to transcend beyond the physical, emotional, mental and intuitive realms and connect with the source where all of these realms come from.

​​What is it not?

It is not praying or focusing on our breath, or imagining a candle or following a guided sequence because that would indicate that we are still in the physical realm of consciousness. The goal here is to be tapping into the united, blissful, creative level of consciousness,  to be connecting to the source of our existence.


It is also not about getting rid of thoughts. Thoughts are necessary and a part of the purification process. It’s about not engaging or entertaining them.

Why meditate?

Meditation increases our awareness of ourselves, which in turn increases our awareness of how we treat our body and mind, so we will begin to naturally crave healthier options.

How does it work?

Meditation allows us to let go and rest the mind, giving our nervous system deep rest - deeper than deep sleep.  It gives us greater clarity, greater wakefulness and greater awareness.

It allows us to release old emotional habits and patterns that no longer serve us.  This creates room for new wisdom and awareness so that we may live to our fullest potential in life.

Sign up today to learn Heart-Based Meditation and release the stress that is wreaking havoc in your life. 

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