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Health Consultation

Discover your unique Ayurvedic Body/Mind type (Dosha) so you can know how to live your life to it's fullest potential.

All too often health care providers will treat the symptom rather than what caused it in the first place. Many of the ailments you feel are merely the end result of the accumulation (or depletion) of one or more elements in your body

Find  The Root Cause

During our session together you will receive the following:

- Tongue, face and structure/posture/expressions evaluation (these areas are a direct reflection of how your organs are functioning and how well energies and emotions are flowing in your body) - Pulse Diagnostics (in person sessions only) This allows me to access and interpret the health level of all 7 layers of your physical being (skin, blood, muscle, fat/hormones, bones, nervous system and reproductive system) as well as your chakras, planetary influences and mental/emotional functioning. This can also be analyzed via zoom with a questionnaire so don't feel left out!

- Diet and lifestyle assessment - Leave with a personalized food list as well as herbal and lifestyle recommendations as appropriate for your specific body/mind type

- Referrals if necessary - Initial plan for course of treatment and therapies (sleep routines, cleanses, diet, meditation training, etc.)

- Educational materials to help implement long term maintenance You will also receive a follow up progress report/accountability email one week later to check on you, answer any questions and implement any necessary changes. Have questions? Schedule a free 20 minute Q&A with me on the Book a Session tab.

Schedule a virtual or in-office consultation today and find out what's causing your aches, pains, inflammation, digestive upset, insomnia and many other dis-ease symptoms and bring you back into balance using the ancient wisdom and science of Ayurveda. Learn more.
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