Inner Guidance Counseling

Have you been wanting answers to some of the questions that you have about your life?

 Should I take that job?  Should I change careers? 

 How do I get rid of all this stress?!?  Why am I so stressed out?

 How do I release the influence that my ex-partner, mom, dad, sibling, co-worker has on me?

 How can I control my anger?  Why am I so angry?


 Why do I worry about everything?  I mean EVERYTHING!


 How do I connect with my emotions?  How do I know or explain what I am feeling?

So many of us suffer in silence, not knowing how to even begin to address these concerns.  What Inner Guidance Counseling offers is way for you to connect with your High Self, your inner intuition to get these pertinent questions answered.  Yes YOU.

No need to seek someone else's opinion of what you should or shouldn't do.  You're High Self knows everything you need to know to live the life your soul is seeking to experience in this lifetime. 


Through guided techniques I will take you deep within your self where you can release the ego and "see" the truth. Where you can connect with other peoples' high selves and get resolution as to why they did what they did or treated you the way they did. Where you are able to confront your complex's from a higher vibratory, enlightened neutral witness standpoint and gain clarity to any matter. Depending on your level of interest, the amount of questions you want answered and your willingness to be accountable and coach-able will determine the time needed in order to bring you to a place of abundance and fulfillment. 

In our sessions together you will learn:

Effortless Heart-Based Meditation - A must in order to tap into the intuitive level and integrate the newfound clarity that you receive from your practices.

Intuition - How to access your inner knowing to aid in greater awareness and transformation.

Guided techniques to help release old patterns, triggers, impressions, habits, traumas and people that are no longer serving your growth.

Pranic (Energy) Healing Therapy to clear out patterns, habits, pain, old programming and emotions that are stuck in the    physical, energetic, emotional/mental and causal levels of the body.    

Planetary influences and how they affect your life and your relationships to help you better navigate and understand your life lessons and focus in this lifetime.

I offer 3, 6, 9 and 12 month commitment packages.  Please contact me to schedule a free introductory 90 minute session to see how Ayurvedic Inner Guidance Counseling can support you on your journey towards emotional and spiritual wellness.