Why the Name Change?

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My mission is to connect with as many people as possible in order to share the amazing news that they have the power to control alot of their bodies functionings and healing abilities. Isn't that awesome?!

And in order for me to accomplish this mission I need to make sure that I am approachable as I can be. With that being said, in my excitment from graduating as a certified Ayurvedic Health Practitioner and wanting to immediately share all that I had learned with the world, I put Ayurveda in the name of my business; wanting to give honor to this ancient wisdom. And while that is great for the people who know what Ayurveda is, I can't help but wonder if I may be missing out on helping the majority of the people that do not know what Ayurveda is. 

In my long term effort towards bridging the gap between eastern and western practices I am changing my business name to better represent the true core values that my practices embrace. Which is inner health <3

So that's where the new name came from! I hope it inspires you to get more curious about your inner health and if you are truly giving yourself the best life that you deserve.

So much love and light to you! I hope to be blessed by a connection with you in the near future.