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Healing Breath Classes 

Relax, surrender, let go and let your Healing Light Breath Therapist Jodi Erickson, be your guide as you go on a journey within your physical and energetic body. Here you release any emotional, physical, energetic and mental impressions that are creating turbulence in your life and breathe in the healing light of pure consciousness (our creative source) which brings new wisdom and harmony into your cellular and energetic memory.

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You have energy centers in the body, called Chakras, that govern certain parts and functions of your body as well as your emotional and psychological states of being.

Through guided breath sequences you can release blockages that are hindering your growth such as anxiety, insomnia, anger, stress, emotional sensitivity, physical pain, dis-ease and many other ailments that are stopping you from living your life to it’s fullest!



$25/session - 30% discount (regularly $35) or $120 (save $30! regularly $150) for a 6 class punchcard which can be used for any online group breath class.  Purchase here.  PayPal, Venmo, Cash or Check accepted. Soon online payment options will be offered.  Payment Is Due at Time of Registration.

As a commitment towards your attendance as well as honoring the host's time and commitment to the class, if you are not able to attend and you give 2 hours notice your payment will be credited towards the next available class you are able to attend. If you do not attend class and do not give any notice your payment will be considered a donation to TruHealth Ayurveda's efforts in bringing awareness and self-healing knowledge to the world. :)

Learn the science behind the healing breath and why it's so effective here.


Breathe out what is no longer serving you and leave relaxed and rejuvenated!

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