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Pranic Healing 

Relax, surrender, let go and let your Healing Light Breath Therapist Jodi Erickson, be your guide as you access one of the six chakras (energy centers) each session in the body that hold specific habits, impressions, pain and old patterning that are connected to that area.
Through guided breath sequences you will release blockages that are hindering your growth such as anxiety, insomnia, anger, stress, emotional sensitivity, physical pain and many other ailments that are stopping you from living your life to its fullest. After the release we will fill the chakra with new wisdom, affirmations, color and aroma therapies, and positive energy leaving you feeling supported, rejuvenated and if nothing else, completely calm, rested and relaxed. 
Awaken to a transformative practice that addresses all emotional and energetic blockages within your mind, body and emotions. Release self-sabotaging beliefs, old programming, physical, mental and emotional traumas from the body and mind, and bring in new wisdom, intelligence and uplifting beliefs that help balance and bring peace to your being as a whole. 
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