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Save by bundling and get the entire Chakra Balancing Essential Oil Spray Series! Allow your intuition to guide you each day on what chakra, emotion, physical or psychological issue needs attention and use the corresponding oil blend to help set the tone for the day.


OR give these away as gifts, either giving an individual spray to your friends and loved ones based on their known ailments or as an entire series to help them on every facet of their journey. 


In this set you will recieve the following sprays:

Trust - Chakra One: Your Divine Right to Exist - learn more here

Satisfied - Chakra Two: Your Divine Right to Feel - learn more here

Confident - Chakra Three: Your Divine Right to Be - learn more here

Compassion - Chakra Four: Your Divine Right to Love (and be loved) - learn more here

Create - Chakra Five: Your Divine Right to Express - learn more here

Intuition - Chakra Six: Your Divine Right to See - learn more here

Liberation - Chakra Seven: Your Divine Right to Spirit - learn more here


Instructions for use: Spray liberally over head and shoulders for inhalation, pulse areas of body such as neck, wrists and chest as well as chakra points where applicable. Be careful to avoid sensitive areas such as eyes and groin area.


All cards are included on a key ring.