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A smokeless option for clearing negative energy from your aura or any room or space. In this spray you are getting only the healing energy of the wood and plants and not the carcinogens and bad smell that comes from burning them. 


This is great for people who:

  • have a sensitivity to smoke
  • are not allowed to have items that require a flame (candles, incense, etc.)
  • are needing a quick, convenient way to clear a space (great for health care professionals that want to clear the room between clients)
  • are traveling - can use in hotel rooms, rental cars, and bathrooms. (Bonus - airplane carry on compliant. Cool!)


What's great about these oils is that they have mulitiple benefits. So on top of clearing negative energy you will find below other bonus benefits that can potentialy help you emotionally and physically as well. Winning!


Sage - Warming and stimulating, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, antioxidant, antispasmodic and cleansing.


Eucalyptus - Very powerful antiseptic, which works well for the respiratory system by opening up the airways and clearing mucus. Can be helpful for easing aches and pains and supporting the lymphatics. Useful for clearing grief and for purifying the atmosphere. Clears the head.


Siberian Fir - Fights infection, combating different strains of bacteria, reduces stress, improves the skin, alleviates pain, cleanses the body, helps with respiratory issues, gets rid of unwanted odors.


**Order includes spray, gift bag, and info card.**

Sage Smudge Spray

PriceFrom $16.00
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Certified Organic Premium Essential Oils of Sage, Silver Fir, and Eucalyptus, Witch Hazel, Distilled Water.

    Stored in amber glass bottles to protect the oils from oxidation and preserve their integrity. 

  • Free Replacement orders are available up to 30 days after purchase.

    Replacement orders are accepted if the bottle and/or pump arrive damaged. A picture of the damaged product will be required and approved before a replacement order (of the exact same item) is sent out.

    Replacements can happen in two different ways: Replacement of entire item OR replacement of spray mist pump. This will be decided by the seller. 

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