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Settle in with the angels and let these relaxing essential oils tuck you into bed for a spiritual nights rest! Also be sure to check out the SERUM option if you are wanting a more penetrating experience. 


Sandalwood - Certified Organic Rejuvenating, relaxing and an aphrodisiac. Can help aid sleep, allows the individual to relax and open to the spiritual level.


Frankincense - Certified Organic Gently relaxing and supportive to the nervous system and digestion. Brings a sedative, calming effect. It supports deep, gentle breathing which helps to calm and clear the mind making Frankincense one of the best oils for meditation.


Ylang Ylang - Certified Organic A deeply soothing yet uplifting. Helps to elevate the spirit vibration.


Blue Tansy - Certified Organic Harmonizes and balances the emotions by easing feelings of stress, anxiety and sadness. Calms the nervous system. Is an antiviral and anti-inflammatory.


Instructions for use: Spray around head for deep inhilation. Use as body spray for longer lasting scent. Use as a room spray. Spray on pillow and blankets.


**Order includes spray, gift card, and info card.**</