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Dan Johnson - Sammamish WA 

"Jodi explained Ayurveda well and made me feel very comfortable and confident in this proven technique tailored to my individual needs. 


She helped me resolve some back and sleep issues I had been experiencing. Since my consults with her, I am more aware of how certain foods along with breathing techniques and Yoga can impact and improve my well being. I’m sleeping better and my back pain has subsided.


I felt very comfortable and confident that her evaluation and recommendations were spot on, especially given the results achieved in such a short time.


I highly recommend Jodi to anyone desiring non-invasive treatment toward improved health and well-being."

Julie Montgomery - Cle Elum WA 

"I have been a holistic practitioner for 24 years and I highly recommend Jodi!


I felt very safe and well taken care of. I was impressed with Jodi's knowledge and intuitive ability not only to help me seek situations to my issues but to resolve them. 

I had serious digestive issues and was very ill! She helped me figure out what was at the root! Malnutrition. She helped me develop a plan specific to my needs. With change in diet and lifestyle through Ayurvedic healing and Jodi's guidance I am feeling much better.

My favorite piece was her gentle loving energy and guidance as well as her professionalism."

Dee Saldin - Roslyn WA

"Jodi has a wonderful calming approach in her assessments.  She communicates well and is good at reaffirming your understanding of what she has told you.

She suggested some life style alterations and supplements for a few of my conditions. My sleep has improved and my stomach issues have greatly improved. 

Overall, I am very pleased that I was able to work with Jodi and have found my life better as a result of her suggestions.  I would recommend her services to anyone who is interested in alternative approaches."

Tonya Rogers - Ronald WA 

"My abundance of health issues was able to be evaluated with Jodi's wide range of methods which she meticulously researched and identified through her knowledge and studies.


She made me feel hopeful, calm, cared for and comforted.


Through experiencing Jodi's recommendations I realized "natural" healing, exercise and proper nutrition were the solution for maximizing ultimate results to cope with my situation."

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