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Vedic Astrology

 Become aware of your gifts and how to overcome your challenges so you can live a more purposeful, peaceful and prosperous life.

Your 90 minute session will entail an extensive birth chart reading that includes:


  • An explanation of your life (mind, emotions, spirituality) within your home, family, relationships, work, wealth and beliefs.

  • Understanding your “quirks”, learn what areas you have great strength, courage, growth and understanding in as well as where you are more vulnerable, stubborn, stagnant, fearful and clouded.

  • Your ability for connection and receptivity with family, relationships, friends and colleagues.

  • A reveal and deeper understanding of what areas you came here to focus on in this lifetime. 

  • Unveiling of the illusions that are distracting you and causing confusion in your life. 



You must be able to provide an accurate:

Birth Time (e.g. 8:07 am)

Birth Place (city and state)

Birth Date (e.g. 4/13/79)

Conquer Your Karmic Lessons In This Lifetime


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