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What's Your
Body/Mind Type?

What universal elements are predominant in your body/mind makeup?

We all have different levels of air, fire and earth and water in our body.

Vata-Pitta-Kapha Body Types.png
Like snowflakes, no one of us is the same. We each have our own unique constitution that we were born with. These unique levels of elements help to create our own individualized body structure, personality and possible tendencies for disease. However, our environment, lifestyle and experiences can alter our constitution and create imbalances in one or more of the elements leading towards disease tendencies within the mind and body regardless of our constitution.

The AIR (& space) Person

Qualities: Dry, rough, changeable, light, cold, moving, subtle, clear and coarse

Body Type: Light build, thin

Handshake: Cold, thin and weak

Psychology in Balance: Enthusiastic, vivacious and talkative

Psychology out of Balance: Anxious, fearful, nervous and unstable

Foods that Aggravate: Pungent (spicy), bitter (coffee, lettuce) and astringent (beans)

Foods that Pacify: Warm, oily and heavy (nuts) foods that are sweet (yams, carrots,

sweet potatoes), salty (olives), sour (vinegar, citrus) 

Season: Fall and early winter

Time of Day: 2-6 AM or PM

Location in Physiology: Colon, joints, inside of bones and nervous system

Major Functions in Physiology: Movement, transportation and communication


Signs that your AIR is out of balance:


  • Appetite is variable with little consistency from one day to the next.

  • Digestion is poor.

  • Stool is hard, dry, dark and prone to constipation.

  • Urine is light with frequent urination.

  • Menstruation cycles are irregular with severe cramping and scanty blood flow.

  • Muscles can be crampy with spastic movements.

  • Addicted to movement. Need to be moving all the time.

  • Hard to stay sedentary.

  • Sexual desire and activity is inconsistent. Up and down.

  • Sleep is light and/or prone to insomnia.

  • Voice is weak, tires easily and is prone to hoarseness.

  • Skin is dry and flaky.

  • Hair is dry and brittle.

  • Joints crack and pop.

  • Relationships can be filled with worry, anxiety, clingyness, codependency, emotional ups and downs. 



The FIRE (& a pinch of water) Person

Qualities: Hot, sharp, pungent, intense, flowing (but grounded), sour, slightly oily

Body Type: Medium build, muscular

Handshake: Crushing grip, warm hand

Psychology in Balance: Analytical, focused, cheerful, intellectual, generous, intense

Psychology out of Balance: Anger, irritable, diarrhea, sharpness in breathing and

speech, too intense

Foods that Aggravate: Pungent (ginger, chilies), sour/acidic (vinegar, citrus, coffee),

salty (olives, excessive salt on food)

Foods that Pacify: Cool (cucumbers, lime), bitter (kale, brussels sprouts, radishes),

astringent (apples, sprouts, beans), sweet (carrots, beets, squash)

Colors: Orange, light intense blue

Time of Day: 10-2 AM or PM

Location in Physiology: Liver, small intestine, skin

Major Functions in the Physiology: Digestion, transformation and metabolism

Signs that your FIRE is out of balance:

  • Appetite is too strong and irritable if skips a meal.

  • Digestion is too strong (hungry soon after eating) and easily aggravated by spicy foods.

  • Stool is soft, loose, burning, lighter in color; frequent bowl movements or diarrhea.

  • Urine is bright yellow, often in excess.

  • Menstruation is regular but with heavier bleeding or longer periods due to internal heat.

  • Movements are determined and strong.

  • Sexual activity and desire can be in excess or too easily aroused.

  • Sleep is light with early morning awakenings.

  • Voice is loud and often piercing.

  • Speech is sharp and direct.

  • Skin is delicate, oily and prone to acne and rashes.

  • Hair can have premature graying and/or hair loss.

  • Relationships can be overly intense, manipulative, stubborn, jealous, egotistical and demeaning.



The EARTH (& water) Person

Qualities: Unctuous (oily), slimy, cool, moist, sticky, heavy, stable, strong, soft

Body Type: Large build, husky, hard to lose weight

Handshake: Soft puffy pillow

Psychology in Balance: Jovial, sweet, loving, easy going

Psychology out of Balance: Attachment to people and/or material items, greedy,

self centered

Foods that Aggravate: Sweet (sugar), heavy (cheese, pasta) and oily foods

(meat = oily, heavy), salty (olives, excessive salt on food) and sour (vinegar, citrus).

Foods that Pacify: Pungent (spicy, hot), bitter (lettuce, broccoli, cabbage) and

astringent (beans, legumes, apples) 

Colors: White, light brown

Season: Winter, early spring

Time of Day: 6-10 AM or PM

Location in Physiology: Chest, low back

Functions in Physiology: Structure, strength (immunity) and lubrication (saliva, joints)

Signs that your EARTH is out of balance:

  • Appetite is not strong. Often not hungry in the morning.

  • Digestion is weak. Slow metabolism.

  • Stool is well formed, often with an oily coat or mucus.

  • Urine is white and foamy with infrequent elimination.

  • Menstruation is regular but prone to water retention and clotting

  • Movements are slow 

  • Capable of vigorous activity but tends to avoid physical exertion.

  • Sleep is very deep, often snores, can't get enough sleep.

  • Voice is low, and thick.

  • Excess mucus in throat, nose and/or chest.

  • Skin is oily with possible puss filled pimples and or boils.

  • Hair is excessively oily.

  • Relationships can be attached and greedy.


Schedule a consultation today and find out what levels you were born with which can be found in your astrological birth chart, as well as your current imbalances that have been created based on your lifestyle, experiences and environment which is found in your pulse!

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