Do you ever wish you had access to an all knowing wizard that could give you the answers to all of the burning questions you have about your life?

  • I eat healthy so why do I still not feel and/or look good?

  • I'm an emotional wreck. What is wrong with me?

  • I don't feel like I'm really living out my purpose in this life. Problem is though.... what is my purpose? 

  • I need to make a decision and I can't for the life of me decide. I don't want to make the wrong choice! Which one do I choose?

Well guess what? I am that wizard!


Just kidding...


I'm actually just a normal person like you who is looking for the same answers, except there's one difference between us.


I know how to get the answers you seek!


And I want to help you have access to them as well.

if you are ready to
  • Discover your true identity.  
  • Find out exactly what makes you happy, healthy and fulfilled.
  • Connect with what you truly want, need and desire in your life.
  • Learn the most effective tools and practices that will help you achieve the life and emotional wellness that you so desparately seek, and deserve btw ;).

Healing Services Offered

Inner-Guidance Counseling

This is not your regular talk therapy counseling! Get down to the nitty gritty of why you are sabotaging your life, health and/or relationships. Be guided deep within to release old habits and beliefs that keep you in victimhood so you can bring out the confident, centered, disciplined, free-spirited you that's inside just waiting to be unleashed! I call this person "Your True Self". Learn more.



Pranic Healing 

Are you tired of being controlled by your emotions and that evil little jerk in your head telling you you suck and are not worthy of love, money, health etc?

Are you sick of the random aches and pains throughout your body that affect how you show up for yourself and others? 


Let's get rid of these haters (stuck energy) inside your mind and body so you can live a life you wake up looking forward too.  Learn more.



 "Jodi is the best of both worlds as she is able to tap into her intuitive guidance framed with practical wisdom. I love the fact that I had the option to take Jodi's class online and be in the comfort of my own home! The "Zoom" platform is super user friendly, all I had to do was click on a link that Jodi emailed me and "poof ," I was ready to go!" Deb Zaccheo, Vermont

Pranic Healing Group Sessions

We're better together. Access your inner healing power to release unwanted emotions, beliefs and physical ailments. Each week you will be invited to cleanse and rejuvenate a different area of the body and psyche. Please bring a mat, water, pillow and blanket. Sanitized mats and blankets available on site as well. Ages 16+



"I just did an online Pranic Healing session with Jodi. It was incredible and I am still 'floating' from the experience. Her voice is truly hypnotic and within seconds I could feel myself transcending to a place of deep relaxation. I went in stressed and anxious and now feel in a place of great peace and calm." Sarah Shaw, Canada


Ayurvedic Health Consultation

Through pulse, tongue, lifestyle and astrological birth chart analysis I will help you discover what your Ayurvedic body/mind type is as well as your current elemental imbalances that may be causing diseases. I use time tested organic herbal remedies and consciousness increasing practices and cleanses with guidance from an over 5000 year old natural healing science known as Ayurveda which helps to create balance within your body's major functions so that you are able to prevent illness, slow the ageing process and reverse many ailments and dis-eases.  Learn more.

Find out more about Ayurveda here.



"I had serious digestive issues and was very ill! She helped me figure out what was at the root! She helped me develop a plan specific to my needs. With change in diet and lifestyle through Ayurvedic healing and Jodi's guidance I am feeling much better." Julie Montgomery, Washington


Vedic Astrology Chart Reading

On your first breath the planets precise locations in the sky in that very moment imprinted upon you, creating your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual capacities as well as your Karmic Potential. This chart will show what your karmic lessons are in this lifetime. I will be able to tell you your strengths and weaknesses, how you face challenges, what you are here to learn and offer to the world and how to find balance through it all so you can live a more purposeful, peaceful and prosperous life.

Learn more.