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Find Your Balance

Using time tested practices of Ayurveda, I'll guide you into bringing your mind and body back into balance,  whether it be stress, anxiety, sleep disturbance, digestive disruption, inflammation, emotional sensitivity, depression and many other ailments.


I offer virtual and in-person holistic services in spiritual counseling, ayurvedic health consultations, pranic healing breath therapy, vedic astrology readings, aromatherapy, and meditation training.

Healing Services
Learn How To Support  Your Unique Self

Services Offered

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DIY Essential Oil Making Session

Get access to over 100 organic essential oils and carrier oils and make your own signature scent, treatment serum, body and/or room spray. Book a private individual session or get a group of loved ones, colleagues or employees together for a group session. You can also check on my events page to see if there are any oil workshops coming up that you can register for. 
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